World Citizens Organization

Silk Road Mayors Forum-Kabul, 2017 Summit meeting

WCO President Kwaak is having a summit meeting with President Dr. Mohammad Ashraf Ghani at the President office, Kabul, Afghanistan. They had discussed various program for the 12th WCO Silk Road Mayors Forum-Kabul, 2017.

Expressing his appreciation of the forthcoming gathering of the Directors of the Silk Road Mayors’ Forum in Kabul, Dr. Kwaak said that the decision to hold the above-mentioned meeting in Kabul was taken in the 11th Silk Road Mayors Forum, in Tehran last September. Mr. Kwaak called the Silk Road an important transit route in the region saying that Afghanistan formed one of its main pillars.

Giving a short history of the Silk Road and the effective role that Afghanistan played towards its functioning as a main transit route, Dr. Andisha thanked Mr. Kwaak for his emphasis on the significance of the Silk Road and its revival.  Meanwhile, Deputy Foreign Minister for Management and Resources assured his guests that Afghanistan was fully prepared to host the 12th Silk Road Mayors’ Forum in Kabul.


Dr. Andisha and Dr. Kwaak the Head of the World Citizens Organization also talked about the feasible ways of reviving the ancient Silk Road which was one of the oldest commercial routes in the world with a length of seven thousand kilometer, in terms of social, cultural and commercial fields.