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September 22nd, 2016, the 4th Silk Road Economic Belt Cities Cooperation and Development Forum grandly opened at the Xinjiang International Convention & Exhibition Center.

More than 1000 delegates, scholars and experts from 63 foreign and domestic cities gathered in beautiful Urumqi to exchange experience, to share their wisdom and to reach consensus and to discuss the policy of deepening the pragmatic cooperation among the cities along the Silk Road with the theme of “Inheriting the spirit of Silk Road and strengthening pragmatic cooperation”.

This forum was co-hosted by Urumqi Municipal Government and Foreign Affairs Office of People’s Government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

Strategic conception of constructing the Silk Road Economic Belt which proposed by President Xi in September 2013 has been widely acknowledged by various countries and cities of Asia and Europe. Over the three years, communication and cooperation among cities and countries along the Silk Road has been widely and deeply carried out. Strategic conception has moved toward the in-depth practice from consensus. The Silk Road Economic Belt Cities Cooperation and Development Forum, established at the time of proposing the Silk Road Economic Belt strategic conception, has been successfully held three times so far, which fully played the role of bridge and platform; besides, the Forum has gained abundant, pragmatic extensive exchange achievements and vigorously promoted the development of the cities along the Silk Road.

At the opening plenary of the forum, Shi Dagang, Vice Chairman of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region said that Xinjiang is the significant node of the Silk Road Economic Belt as well as a vital place of Eurasian Continental Bridge; also it is an important passage of interflow between the eastern and western cultures and economics. Currently, Xinjiang has kept a firm grasp on the historic opportunity, given full play of its unique regional advantages and portal role of opening up to the west, deepened the trade exchange cooperation with Central Asia, West Asia and South Asia, promoting “Three channels”, “Three bases”, “Five centers”, and “Ten import and export industrial cluster” and the constructing of the core area of the Silk Road Economic Belt at a quicker pace.

The opening of this forum will certainly play a positive role in increasing mutual understanding, reaching consensus and deepening friendships, expanding the cooperation among cities along the Silk Road, and it will play an important role in fulfilling the policy coordination, facilities connectivity, unimpeded trade, financial integration and people-to-people bonds at the same time. We hope we can strengthen the cooperation in areas of bilateral trade, science technology, humanity and tourism with every participant at this forum, construct the cooperate mechanism and platform, conduct deeper communication, reach consensus for larger and even greater level of cooperation, contribute wisdom to joint contribution, shared benefits, win-win, co-fusion of the Silk Road Economic Belt.

Li Xikui, Secretary-General of the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, said that promotion of building the Silk Road Economic Belt in new era is not only carrying out the diplomatic concept of “building friendship and partnership with neighboring countries in the mutual help” and the strategic action of promoting closer economic contacts, deeper mutual cooperation and wider development space among Asian and European countries, but also of strategic importance in promoting economic development, regional security, world peace, people-to-people and cultural exchanges and mutual prosperity among countries along the Silk Road. In recent 3 years, with booming communication and cooperation, frequent trade exchanges, deeper people-to-people and cultural exchanges among countries along the Silk Road, an economic and cultural passage combining Asia and Europe is forming quickly which benefits hundred millions of people. The Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries will continue to support holding the Silk Road Economic Belt Cities Cooperation and Development Forum, make efforts together to create opportunities for cooperation and development among the cities along the Silk Road and play an important role in the construction of the Silk Road Economic Belt.

Kwaak YoungHoon, Chair of the Silk Road Economic Belt Cities Cooperation and Development Forum and Chairman of World Citizens Organization (WCO) said in the address that from ancient times, the Silk Road is a trade passage that cities along the Silk Road turn mutual communication and trust built in the trading process into action. The openness, communication, trust and pragmatism are not only the important content of the Silk Road spirit, but also the spirit that we must insist and carry forward in the Silk Road Economic Belt Cities Cooperation. Real action is needed in nowadays. Through the Silk Road Economic Belt Cities Cooperation and Development Forum, further communication and creation among cities along the Silk Road will be promoted, more pragmatic wisdom results will be produced, more pragmatic cooperation opportunities, especially the cooperation in economic field or between colleges and universities, will be created.

During the main forum after the opening plenary, the keynote speech was delivered by Li Xuejun, Member of Standing Committee of CPC Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Committee, Secretary of CPC Urumqi and Changji Municipal Committee and Secretary of CPC Urumqi Municipal Committee. He said the immortal memories of weathering hard times together and offering timely help to each other were engraved by the cities along the Silk Road. Urumqi, like other cities along the Silk Road, was born and flourished because of Silk Road, and gradually became an important node city along the Silk Road Economic Belt. There are rich historic culture, prominent regional advantages, beautiful and livable environment, harmonious and stable society, firm economic foundation, prominent openness characteristic. Currently, we are promoting the implementation of the strategic conception of Silk Road Economic Belt. As the highland of innovative development, the open-window to the outside world, the exchange and cooperation center, Urumqi will be in line with the strategic deployment of building the core area of Silk Road Economic Belt initiated by the CPC committee of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, and will give full play to the pivotal role of uniting the east and exporting to west, promoting Urumqi moving towards the world with a more open attitude.

We adhere to the idea of expanding consensus and cooperation with the cities along the Belt, co-building the Silk Road Economic Belt, co-constructing a community of shared destiny for development. Li Xuejun proposes the cites participated in the conference as following: We shall strengthen the connection of development strategies, jointly formulate the cooperative development program, deepen the exchanges and cooperation in terms of anti-terrorism and safeguard stability, major economic and social project construction, form the overlapped effect for policy; We shall strengthen the regional capacity cooperation, promote high efficiency utilization and high benefit circulation of high grade capacity, fund, and equipment, so as to build internationalized financial service network and to promote regional economic integration process; We shall further strengthen construction of connectivity, speed up the construction of industrial cooperation park, international railway, shipping, information channel, enhance the customs clearance facilitation level, and co-construct the transportation corridor; We shall strengthen the people to people and cultural exchanges cooperation, promote science and technology service, tourism culture, medical treatment and education cooperation,  promote non-governmental exchanges, and build a more harmonious and friendly development environment.

Cities along the Silk Road Economic Belt will jointly design a picture of friendly exchanges   and win-win development, and working together to build a green, healthy, intelligent and peaceful Silk Road has become the consensus of the attending cities. By going up to the platform one after another, the leaders from Issyk-Kul Province of Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek city of Kyrgyzstan, Omsk city of Russia, Male city of Maldives, Lianyungang city of China, Karamay city of China, as well as the representatives, experts and scholars from the Research Bureau of the Bank of China, China Federation of Logistic and Purchasing and Xinjiang University of Finance & Economics introduce the economy, history and culture of their cities and provided plenty valuable advices through the discussions of the themes of Sharing the New Eurasian Continental Bridge International Logistics Corridor, Constructing the Silk Road Economic Belt Cities Financial Chain.

The Annual Meeting of Members of the Silk Road Economic Belt Cities Cooperation and Development Forum and Establishment of Logistics Cooperation Alliance along the Silk Road Economic Belt were also held during the two-day forum. Meanwhile, by holding activities like City Presentation& Exchange and the Economic & Trade Cooperation Exchange Activity, a closer communication and coordination mechanism has been built up, which will help to promote the pragmatic cooperation of the logistics and other aspects among cities along the Silk Road. By visiting the city of Urumqi, the domestic and foreign participants have experienced the long history, the prosperous economic development and the continuous changes and improvement of city constructions.

Iilihamu·Shabier, the Vice Secretary of CPC Urumqi Municipal Committee, the Mayor of Urumqi and the Standing Chair of the Forum Council, has host the Opening Plenary and the Main Forum.

The participants of the Opening Plenary and the Main Forum were the guests and delegations from 16 countries, 63 domestic and overseas cities, the CPAFFC, the World Citizens Organization (WCO), Chinese embassies and consulates, Foreign Institutions in China, famous experts and scholars at home and abroad, the relevant officials from Urumqi municipal Government, departments and bureaus of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Regional, and representatives of domestic and foreign enterprises.