World Citizens Organization


The last September, in Bursa Turkey, WCO organized his 10th silk road mayors forum.
For 10 years, WCO published a universal declaration

We, the mayors and representatives of Silk Road Cities gathering at the WCO 10th Silk Road Mayors Forum in Bursa are at the threshold of a new decade of action that will inspire and guide the future, hereby declare the following :

  1. Values and Principles
    We are aware that civilizations have acquired art, customs, gastronomy, music and life enhancing capabilities that will be vital to the development of peace and harmony. We believe that festivals will best reflect the culture of the Silk Road and should be brought forward in the next decade of new Silk Road Mayors Forum to increase the understanding between civilizations.
  1. Transferring the Silk Road Spirit to the Next Generation
    We agree to establish a Silk Road Museums Network to be the foundation for our next generation to appreciate the Silk Road Spirit. The new Silk Road Mayor’s Forum will incorporate the Silk Road Museums Network with innovations for learning. The World Citizens Organization will cooperate with the Silk Road Museums Network to achieve maximum public benefit. We agree that all cities can participate in the Silk Road Museums Network, which will meet concurrently at the Silk Road Mayors Forum in the future.
  1. Foster World Citizenship to Impact the 21st Century
    We value imagination, open mindedness and willingness to improve ourselves. In the face of violence committed based on ethnic or religious differences we should resist threats and terrorism with compassion and understanding. To respond to the present human sufferings in the Silk Road region we agree to appeal to our city governments to allocate a minimum of 1% of our city budget to intensify any civic program that can improve our citizens’ ability to resolve the conflicts between cultures or nations. We will encourage our citizens to reach out to all people who are in need.
  1. Building a Sustainable Tourism Economy
    We agree to concentrate our activities in sustainable tourism to promote the understanding between cultures in the globalized world. We will take all steps necessary to reduce the negative impact of tourism and commerce on the natural and urban environment. We will work together to develop responsible hospitality in a responsible manner.

We are convinced that our future implementation of the Bursa Declaration arising from the WCO 10th Silk Road Mayors Forum will be the key for us as a group to bring about meaningful changes in the Silk Road cities.