World Citizens Organization


From WCO in Seoul I send my warmest greetings to you and your family at this wonderful beginning of a New Year. May you have many successful plans in 2016 !
I sincerely wish that all your family members are well, and that your works are progressing to compliment our goals at WCO for global harmony.
As I had the fortune to travel to different places on the Planet Earth, many people told me that they appreciate what we have been doing as humble world citizens. It is clear that the role of world citizens has become more and more important but sill much more efforts need to be made to evolve a truly global civilization that is harmonious and just.

We world citizens are well aware that the world is getting smaller and smaller with our communication and transportation technology improving, and that differences between cultures and religious beliefs should be narrowing as we become more in touch with each other.
We ought to be thankful for the plentiful natural sources and global diversities that we have inherited from our ancestors.

This positive attitude will give us a fresh look at all the crisis humanity is facing today.
Responsible world citizens will look straight at these problems, work with each others in a cooperative spirit, and search for solutions that will preserve the differences between people and place which is the beauty of life that we have.

Nobody on Earth is the same. Each one of us is unique. No place on Earth is the same either. Each place is unique in itself.
Yes, we do live in different places and lead different lives, but our world is one. Let us reach out to understand each other !

World citizens have entrusted the hosting of the 11th WCO Silk Road Mayors Forum to Qazvin, a historic city in Iran. Mayor Nostradi and the Qazvin delegation have come to Seoul this week to meet with our WCO Planning Committee on this important forum to be held in September 2016.

We seek your for wise input on the main theme and sub-themes of the Qazvin Forum so that this 11th WCO SRMF-Qazvin 2016  will be a SRMF for the new epoch.

WCO will stay young and energetic because all you world citizens will make a difference by joining forces with us to make a fairer World !

Kwaak YoungHoon, Ph.D.