World Citizens Organization

Qazvin Mayor and his 4 delegation persons have visited in WCO-Seoul

January 13 to 18, the Qazvin Mayor and his 4 delegation persons have visited in WCO-Seoul to prepare the 11th WCO SRMF-Qazvin 2016 Preparatory Meeting.

WCO organization and Qazvin delegation had very fruitful meetings and visited in various important places which WCO and KWAAK ESPRI had designed and recommended in 1970s and 1980s and realized since then.

  1. The University Road for Art and Culture
  2. Tehran Road and 1988 Seoul Olympic Park
  3. Han River
  4. Seoul Subway

During the meeting WCO organise the visit of  Daedeok Science Town, the KAIST, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology and the Incheon/Seoul Airport. In addition, they visited the Urban Garbage Treatment Plant  and the Osan City-U City IT Governance System.