World Citizens Organization


During the last forum, WCO create the WCO YOUTH INTERNATIONAL.

WCO has always try to share the idea of sharing and meeting. WCO has held to transmit to the younger generations his tolerance message. A first meeting was held in 2014 in Urumqi in China where young Turkish students from the Gaziantep city had the opportunity to meet young Chinese students.

In January 2014 Dr. Kwaak was invited by the city of Queretaro in Mexico to participate in a forum about « Youth and the future », organized by the city.

In Bursa, Dr Kwaak and Jick Chan, with the support of Peter Wong wished to unite a new generation to bring the WCO values.
This new generation will follow the path of his predecessors to ensure the story of WCO.

Among these young members were present several nationalities :
Korean, Chinese, Turkish, Iranian, Mexican and French.

  • Mr Lee from Seoul
  • Ms. Chau Ting, Candy from Beijing
  • Ms Aslanpay of Gasiantep
  • Ms. Kilic from Istanbul
  • Mr Asheg from Yazd
  • Mr Perez from Queretaro
  • Stephane Chevalier from Strasbourg
  • Alexis Petitprez from Strasbourg